Web app & website integration

Buzzz Buzzz Buzz word warning ! Cloud based applications are now pretty well established and in use by many businesses not just techie-savvy people. Many of us use MailChimp, Campaign Monitor for our email newsletters or email marketing campaigns. Many businesses are moving to cloud based accounting programs now with more and more UK accountants moving over to the likes of Xero and Kashflow. Online CRM systems such as Capsule and ERP systems such as SpinLessPlates.

All of these online software as a service or SAAS apps offer great opportunities to integrate , sync or otherwise link together various services through their API.

Whats an API ?

An API is an application public interface , so what does that mean ? essentially certain functions of these programs as made “public” ( using the correct authentication for security obviously ) this allows a developer to create systems move data between applications and websites. An example of where this is useful you can create a form on your website which would automatically add the details to your CRM system. This eliminates the need for double entry of data and saves you time and probably money.

What can we offer ?

We have worked with all of the following systems / applications and we are comfortable in integrating these systems in to your website:


  • PHP 5 & 7
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • MySql
  • Mongo DB
  • AWS Translate
  • Javascript ES6
  • jQuery