Magento 2 UK Shipping

Magento 2 UK Shipping

Looking for a Magento 2 UK Shipping module extension which is preconfigured ?

A common search in the Magento community is how to set up shipping for UK Postcodes, while technically it is possible using table rates you have to load every FULL postcode and a cost against it for it to work, its not practical.

Having searched and searched for a simple Magento 2 shipping module for UK shipping, which includes all the postcodes preloaded for Mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands we could not find one.

So we built our own M2 Magento 2 module so that you can have different prices for each zone; Mainland UK, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. When a customer is at checkout the module will cross check their postcode against the pre loaded postcodes and apply the correct shipping amount.

You may also add additional postcodes to the Northern Ireland and Highlands to the standard post office ones as a comma separated list of prefixes. e.g KV99,KW88. A full list is available here:

Additionally for mainland only you can have Next Day , Next Day Am and Saturday delivery prices.

Easy to configure , simply enter one price for UK Mainland and optionally a different Highlands and Northern Ireland, you could of course add the same price if you wanted to.

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